Monday, August 26, 2013

Welcome to My Chic Adventure

Hello lovelies!

I would like to welcome you to my newly formed blog! I am so excited to be starting this as this is something I have wanted to do for a long time. I would love to share my life with you guys and have you guys take this amazing journey with me as well.

My first topic is the name: My Chic Adventure. What the heck is that supposed to mean? I had struggled coming up with a name for the longest time. It had taken me months to even brainstorm, and when I would come up with an idea it would have already been taken. However, I took my current situation and made my name based on that. My passion in life is fashion. It is my favorite form of artistic expression. It is something that stands out to me everywhere I go, and I love seeing the way people have inspired me and helped me form my eclectic style. I have taken ginormous step in my life this fall: college. A huge change that is scary and exciting! This crazy adventure will be something that will change my life, present me with some amazing opportunities, and give me some great memories. I wanted to make this a lifestyle blog as well, and I knew I needed to apply this new adventure into my title. So ta-da! My chic adventure was formed! It makes me so happy. J

Here are some other random facts about me:
  • I am starting college this fall  (just in case you didn’t get that from what I said earlier)
  • I am majoring in Magazine Journalism which excites me so much!
  • I love boy bands (1D, 5SOS, and BTR are my men; I will probably post about my concerts later on)
  • I am a YouTube addict and proud of it
  • I would love to travel the world
  • Yeah… I’m out of ideas for the moment…

I have had so many inspirations in the blogger community that sparked this idea of finally starting my own blog. Have you heard of the British YouTube “gang” (I just made the term gang up; they are phenomenal!)  Well, if you haven’t, then you should look them up. Zoe Sugg (Zoella), Sprinkle of Glitter (Louise), Tanya Burr, Fleur De Force, and many many more are absolutely incredible. Most of these YouTubers started off with blogs and added YouTube later on. That is my plan. Vlogging (video blogging for those who don’t know) is incredible, and writing is my love. Starting this blog was such fun. I am looking forward to this incredible adventure to share with you all. I would love for you to ask me questions if you have any! Thanks for reading!

Much love,
Maggie D. xx

P.S. I am also planning on making blog posts more frequently and will hopefully start up a more weekly schedule for you all. I’ve got a few ideas planned out… J

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