Monday, February 23, 2015

London Fashion Week Day One

Here’s a warm welcome back to my blog since I’ve been away for a little while. But today was an incredible day: it was the start of London Fashion Week. And, being in London, I knew I had to be a part of it. So, that’s just what I did.

I got in contact with Andreea from Dreaming of Chanel (link to her blog here), and she asked if I would be willing to be her personal assistant for LFW. Of course I couldn’t say no! She had me meet her at 7:00 at South Kensington station on Friday, the first day of LFW. So, I woke up at 4:59, got ready, headed out the door by 6:33, and met her at Pret a Manger at 6:58. We went to Duck and Dry, and I waited as she got her hair and makeup done. It ended up looking gorgeous, and then we headed off in an Uber to Somerset House. (Also my first Uber experience; it was very nice.)

We got to Somerset House a little after 9:30, and the site of the gorgeous structure made me feel the warm and fuzzies I might say. It hit me. I WAS AT FASHION WEEK.
What I found so incredible was that I recognized the area from the photos I longingly looked through the past however many years. It was spectacular; the music, the beauty, the style. People wear the most outrageous things, and I think that is what London is known for. Personally, I love it. The eclectic combos and bold choices are exactly what I want to implement in my wardrobe. But because my bank account may not be in synch with my style wish list, I ended up picking out something a bit simpler. A nice pair of patterned trousers, a white button up, my DSW Betsey Johnson shoes and my new jacket from H&M was what I went with on my first day. Was it exactly my style? Probably not. I would have loved to wear something a bit more edgy, but I’ll just have to save that for the next LFW I guess.
We picked up a little bite to eat and did some street style stalking after that. I got some incredibly cool photos, and I’m planning on doing a big street style post at the end, so here is just a fun photo to get you ready for even more coming soon.

I got in the queue to attend my first show: Felder Felder. The clothes were spectacular. Lace and metallics appear to be coming back; but don’t worry, fur will be too. The hair was just as fabulous; serious #hairenvy after watching the show.

Another cool part of the show? All the people I was able to see. I love my bloggers, and I was able to see two of my favorites today. I got a glance at the adorable Victoria from Inthefrow who was across the room. And, I got to meet one of my favorite bloggers ever—Zoe from She is the absolute sweetest, and before I came to London, she gave me some burger tips. So, of course I had to say hi (and bring up the burger tweets!). She was absolutely adorable and remembered who I was. It was incredible. I also saw Danielle Peazer and Jade Thirlwall, which was very cool.
The gorgeous Victoria and Zoe. This is quite the creepy across the room pic, but I had to capture their gorgeous hair!
Not my greatest photo, but meeting Zoe was amazing! I cannot get over how nice she was.

I also had the pleasure of attending James Kelly (where I got free fro-yo; no complaints) and Vin + Omi. The earthy tones, skin and gorgeous construction were all the rage at James Kelly.

Over at the Dreary Club, heavy knits and fabrics dominated at Vin + Omi.
I guess she is a sight to see at fashion week. Still not 100% sure it is a she though...
OBSESSED with everything about her look. And her hair is AMAZING.

They win cutest couple award. Can someone find me a guy like him please? The sock/shoe combo is amazing. 

Here are some other fun photos of the day:
These dropped off the famous people...
Including Alexa Chung. This is the second time she's walked right by me.

Overall, I would say the queuing was the biggest shock. Though it was quite intense, it was not a deal breaker. My first day at fashion week was incredible, and I couldn’t wait for the coming days.
RIP poor hat in the underground. I'm sure you'll have a nice rest after a wonderful day at LFW.

*All photos shot on my iPhone 6


  1. lovely and nice
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  2. Wow what a wonderful experience, Fashion Week looks amazing and it's even better because you're in London!


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