Thursday, January 9, 2014

A Little Trip...

Hello loves,
I will be gone for a few days because... I'm going to the Mall of America! I'm so excited. If you don't know much about it, it is the biggest mall in the United States. It is about 4 and a half hours away from the small town in which I live. The mall near my house is absolutely terrible, so being able to go to a mall that has all kinds of wonderful stores is a dream come true! I have been here before, but I am excited to visit again. I will take plenty of pictures and will (hopefully!) have a good haul post to do when I return. I hope you all have a lovely weekend, and I can't wait to talk to you all soon.

Much love (and excitement!),
Maggie D. xx


  1. have fun dear !

  2. omg your so lucky i live in england but i wanna go to that mall sooooo bad!xxx


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