Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Some of my Beauty Favorites

Hello loves,
I’m sorry that I have not posted a decent post in awhile! It’s been quite crazy here with work, and I really miss my beauty/fashion posts. While I have yet to try many new products this month, there are a few so far that I am loving from months previous. One is my bright blue nail polish. It is a Pure Ice brand nail polish in the shade French Kiss. It is quite outrageous, but it is different and unique. I love trying bold polishes—you’re only young once, right?

I’ve also been loving my EOS lip balm. It is perfect to keep my lips moisturized during the dry winter months. I use the Medicated Lip Balm in Tangerine, and it works really well. I would also like to add that it smells super good too. It’s an overall winter essential for me.
My favorite eye shadow palette, on a different note, is a more feminine, elegant one. It is inspired by Zoe’s Estee Lauder palette in Raisins that she used in her everyday make-up routine video (here's the link to her video). I loved her look, so I went to my local Walgreens and found a Loreal Colour Riche palette in Rose for Romance, which has very similar tones to what Zoe used. I normally use the top two purple shades, with the lighter color on the inner corners of my eye and the darker shade in the crease and outer corner of my eye. (I’ll post a picture soon, I promise!)

I love trying colored liner, and Clinique is a brand that I have used forever. I decided to try their quickliner for eyes intense in the shad 02 intense plum. These eyeliners are easy to swipe on before heading out, which is what I need to do when I’m in a hurry. You can make a thicker or thinner line, whichever your preference, allowing you to try many different looks with your one liner.

My final beauty fav is the Maybelline Color Whisper in the shade Berry Ready. I know I’ve shared my love for these products in earlier posts, but the Color Whispers are amazing. This is my favorite winter shade, since deeper berry shades are perfect for the chilly months.

            What beauty products are you loving? Leave your favorites and links in the comments below. I love seeing your favorites! Also, I know these are not all high-end products. I, as a poor college student, would love high end beauty products. However, I cannot afford them. I am a drug store beauty buyer & I’m proud of it! If you have any drug store buys that you swear by then leave them below. I love finding new products to try.

Much love,
Maggie D. xx


  1. The L'Oréal quad is so pretty *-*
    Amazing favourites :3 Take care*

  2. I desperately need a new EOS lip balm, my lips are so chapped from this freezing cold weather!

    1. They work so well! I don't know what I would do without it!

      Maggie D. xx

  3. I love that Palette! I want it! Doubt it will be in stores in the UK though!
    Lovely post as always!

  4. Nice Post. I really like your nail polish!


  5. i love the color of your nail polish !! its super pretty !! lovely picks doll :) xx

  6. I've heard a lot about the EOS lip balm. I think I need to try it!


    1. Yeah they work really well! I would definitely recommend them.

      Maggie D. xx


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