Thursday, January 15, 2015

Food: Crème de la Crêpe

So, I typically don’t do too many foodie posts. But, this crepe shop needed to get a shout out. And here it is. If you’re ever in Covent Garden and you don’t check out Crème de la Crêpe, did you even visit Covent Garden?

Okay, so this might be saying a lot, especially because I haven’t toured the food part of London as much as I probably should have at this point. As a poor college student, even though studying here has been great, the whole dollar to pound conversion takes a toll on the pocketbooks. So, I stop at the places that are either 1) highly recommended by the blogging community or 2) look too darn cute to pass up. This shop was in category two for me.

Aundrea and I were wandering around hungry and found one of the most adorable buildings I’ve ever seen. The lower level is built with white stone archways, low ceilings and cozy seating. We wandered to the end, and found the brilliant-ly pink Crème de la Crêpe shop. It was too cute to pass up (and we were quite hungry).

The shop offers more than just your typical crepe. While we went with the Nutella and Skippy peanut butter option (which I highly recommend), they also serve a variety of “savoury crepes,” or crepes that are meant more for a meal, and even more options for “sweet crepes.” I’ll link their site below—the options seem endless.

I also picked up a hot chocolate, which was very yummy. I am quite particular about my drinks, and this one was a winner. Not only was the food scrumptious, but the vibe was very chill—like playing John Mayer chill. 

My bit of light reading. This is the magazine I picked up as inspiration for my styling course.

I am planning on heading back on some point to try a savoury crepe—the “piggy that went to the market” sounds extraordinary. Yes, a crepe sounds extraordinary. Now I’m hungry, so I’ll end this here. Have you ever been to Crème de la Crêpe? Where are your favorite food stops in London? Let me know in the comments below.

Catch a glimpse of the shop in my last vlog.

Maggie D. x


  1. nice review ! I need to check out that place :)

    1. Yes, you definitely should! It's amazing; so cute, and very delicious!

      Maggie D. xx

  2. I was already hungry before reading this post and now I'm starving and craving crepes and hot chocolate that is thousands of miles away!

    1. I'm sure it's worth the trip ;) but, if you're ever in London, it'll definitely have to be something you'll want to check out!

      Maggie D. xx


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